Is your bedroom tidy, organised and a place of calm? Research shows that a cluttered, messy and badly organised bedroom isn’t good for mental wellbeing or conducive to getting a restful nights’ sleep.  

‘A well thought out bedroom created with care will help you to sleep well and feel calm and happy every day’, – Dr Lindsay Browning, psychologist, neuroscientist and sleep expert for And So To Bed, (Homes & Gardens, July 2022)

Here are my top tips to help you achieve a calm and organised bedroom:

  • Declutter any items that should not be in the bedroom

This may seem obvious, but your bedroom should not be a holding space for paperwork, the ironing pile, children’s toys or just stuff that you have not gotten around to sorting yet.  Removing anything that should not be in the bedroom is a great starting place to then assess what is left to organise.

  • Store out of season clothes elsewhere if space is limited

Again, this may seem obvious, but if you have limited storage, moving clothes that are out of season to another area of the home allows you to utilise the space you do have more efficiently.  Having a wardrobe full of winter coats in the height of summer is not useful!

Vacuum pack bags are great space savers and under bed storage bags or roll along boxes all keep clothes contained and free of dust. 

  • Don’t be afraid to go against convention when storing clothes

Do what works for you and your space!  Jeans and trousers can be folded or rolled (to minimise creasing) if you do not have a lot of hanging space. 

  • Use Space Saving Slimline hangers

If wardrobe space is limited, using slimline hangers really does allow you to fit more onto a rail! They come in many different colours too!   Heavier items such as winter coats may be better stored on sturdier hangers.

  • Use drawer dividers to contain items

An underwear drawer without some form of organiser is like a kitchen drawer without a cutlery/utensil tray; everything gets mixed up.     Using a drawer organiser heelps to keep knickers, socks etc separate or drawer dividers can be used for example if you have lots of t-shirts and want to keep them arranged much more orderly.

  • Choose furniture that doubles as storage

When buying furniture think about items that will work hard for you and your storage needs. Ottoman beds, Ottoman storage trunks and divan beds with drawers are great examples. Or perhaps a freestanding jewellery cabinet that doubles as a mirror would meet your storage needs?

  • Use underbed storage

If you have space under the bed, then this can be a great place to store bedding, out of season clothes or shoes.   It is best to use lidded containers or zip bags so that the dust stays out!   See suggestions listed earlier in this blog.

  • Declutter the surfaces

Keep only items on surfaces that you use daily.  It will be less distracting and easier to clean!  Perhaps you only need the one book you are reading next to the bed and not all the other books waiting to be read! 

  • Use baskets & storage boxes to contain like with like items

Hair styling products, belts, scarves, make up etc can be stored in pretty baskets.  If they don’t get used frequently, consider storing on higher shelves.  Don’t forget to label baskets if they all look the same! 

Let me know in the comments if this has been helpful.   If you need help getting your bedroom organised, you can get in touch with me to arrange your free decluttering and organising consultation.

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Photo by Spacejoy on Unsplash