Terms & Conditions

Thank you for considering The Flamingo Organising Co to help you with clearing your clutter and creating calm in your life. We hope that you will find working with  The Flamingo Organising Co an exciting and rewarding experience. Please review the following Terms & Conditions, which will provide the basis for our working relationship. A copy of these Terms & Conditions will be emailed to you for an electronic signature and must be signed before any organising sessions can take place.


Privacy and Confidentiality

The Flamingo Organising Co values the trust of its clients and, accordingly, agrees to maintain the confidentiality of all information about the client learned through the performance of services. All sessions are completely confidential, non-judgemental and carried out with the utmost care and attention. As a courtesy to the client’s privacy, The Flamingo Organising Co will not divulge that a client, is in fact a client, unless he/she gives specific permission to do so.


The Flamingo Organising Co is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office, is a member of the Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers and abides by their code of ethics. As such, client information will never be passed on to a third party, nor any business or personal details shared. 

So that a client can see the impact of a decluttering session, The Flamingo Organising Co normally suggests taking before and after photographs.  Images may be used on The Flamingo Organising Co’s website but only with the full permission of the client.  The Flamingo Organising Co will maintain the privacy of the client with such photos and ensure the client is not identifiable.


Best Advice

Any advice is given in good faith and it is always the client’s decision to accept any guidance and advice. The Flamingo Organising Co cannot accept any responsibility for the client’s actions, nor the consequences of the client’s decisions.

Please note that The Flamingo Organising Co cannot offer guidance on valuations and is not qualified to identify items of potentially high value.


Good Faith Estimates

If a client agreement includes a good faith estimate of the length of time needed to complete a project, The Flamingo Organising Co will make every effort to complete the project within the estimated time period. However, the actual time needed may vary depending on the circumstances, including the client’s ability to make decisions and fully participate in the organising process. The client is responsible for payment of services exceeding any estimates given.


Client Support & Cooperation

The client understands that organising projects may take more time depending on the client’s attention and decision-making ability. Unless otherwise agreed, the client is required to be present during decluttering sessions and to assist with the project throughout each session. The client will make best efforts to minimise disruptions during sessions. The client will alert The Flamingo Organising Co of any health and safety concerns that may affect the client of The Flamingo Organising Co during work on site.


Working Practices

It is recognised that light cleaning such as dusting may be necessary as part of a decluttering session. The Flamingo Organising Co can assist clients with this, but if further deep cleaning is required then the client will be responsible for arranging this themselves. No heavy cleaning, such as carpet cleaning, will be carried out by The Flamingo Organising Co. Heavy lifting will not be carried out by The Flamingo Organising Co.


Working hours

The start time and an indication of the amount of time required to complete a decluttering session will be discussed at the point of booking. Should a session take less time than anticipated you will not be charged for hours not worked.  If a session spans a lunch time The Flamingo Organising Co will provide their own lunch and will usually take a short break. The client will not be charged for this break.


Valuable Possessions

The Flamingo Organising Co has full public liability and professional indemnity insurance. Whilst every care will be taken with client’s possessions during the session, accidents sometimes occur. The Flamingo Organising Co cannot take responsibility for the damage or loss of any items.  It is the clients’ responsibility to ensure that their home insurance is up to date and sufficient to cover any potential breakages.


Removal of Clients’ Items

No items will be discarded without the permission of the client. The client is responsible for making all final decisions regarding the removal of items. The Flamingo Organising Co can arrange for items to be donated to charity, recycled or disposed of following the client’s approval, but The Flamingo Organising Co will not be held liable for these items. Following a decluttering session, items can be taken to a charity shop or local household waste site for an additional £15 subject to what will fit in The Flamingo Organising Co’s car.  If required, this service will be agreed at time of session.



It may be necessary for either the client or The Flamingo Organising Co to cancel a session due to unforeseen circumstances. Cancellation of a scheduled session should be done at least 48 hours in advance, by telephone or text message. If a session is cancelled by the client within 24 hours (except in the case of an emergency) then 100% payment will be required.


Payment Terms

Payment is due at the end of each organising session unless otherwise agreed in advance. Payment can be made by cheque, cash or a bank transfer.


An initial 30 minute consultation by phone, skype or in person (depending upon location) to assess your needs and how The Flamingo Organising Co can assist you is FREE

Fees will be agreed at the time of booking depending upon service required



 ⌂ Travel from HP1 of up to 20 miles each way is included in the above fees.   Additional travel above 20 miles will be charged at £0.45 per mile.

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