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Regardless of life stage, it seems people are busier than ever before; work and family commitments, household chores, voluntary work, hobbies and exercise (if there’s time left) all demanding our precious time.

We’ve all heard the adage “If you want something done, then ask a busy person to do it.” The implication being that a busy person can stay on top of the demands of their family, their job, their home and their friends and yet still manage to find time to watch Bake Off.

However, not all busy people find diary control easy, and can often be overwhelmed just thinking about how to get organised!

So, given I have learned from experience that you can’t squeeze two days into one, what are the secrets to getting the diary under control? Below, I share how to establish good habits in in your diary, whether you use:

  • a traditional wall calendar,
  • a paper diary,
  • an electronic diary,
  • your phone.

1. Set up recurring events

When you buy a new diary / calendar put in all fixed recurring events immediately so they don’t get forgotten. For example, birthdays and anniversaries, car MOT due dates, insurance policy renewals etc. Writing them in a different colour will ensure you see them easily and will help when you copy them again next year. If you use an electronic diary, set up such dates as a recurring event so it transfers each year.

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