Are you selling your house?  Have you started a list of all the things that you need to do?  If yes, have you included “decluttering” as one of the jobs on your list?

Moving house is a VERY good reason to do some decluttering, both in the initial stages as you prepare to put your house on the market and as you get closer to packing up your belongings in readiness for the move day.


Clear surfaces

Remove anything that does not need to be on view. For example, limit to only 1 coat/pair of shoes per person in the hallway; remove bulky appliances from kitchen worktops that you rarely use and tidy or throw away all the un-necessary stuff cluttering up the surfaces!

Make the house feel as spacious as possible

Ensure toys/books/craft materials/clothes fit into their designated storage units.  If they clutter the floor or sides, it makes the house look as if there is not enough room!  This could potentially put buyers off.  Now is the time to reduce so things fit!  Do you have large pieces of furniture that make it difficult to move easily through the house?  If so, consider removing them for viewing.

Limit photos and personal effects

Potential buyers often like to see a more neutral environment when viewing a property as it helps them to more easily imagine themselves living there. Decluttering some photos/certificates/trophies can help with this.  Ask a friend or a professional organiser to give you a 2nd opinion.


Get started as soon as possible

You may have already removed some items for the estate agent photographs; that’s a great start!  I would recommend continuing to do the decluttering in small chunks as soon as you decide to sell your house.  It can take longer than you think!   Block out time in your calendar each week to commit to the decluttering task!   It will be worth it and so less stressful if done little and often.

Tackle one area at a time

Breaking down the decluttering task into small areas or one room at a time makes it more manageable and not so overwhelming.  For example, tackle the spare room wardrobe or the lounge book case or one corner of the loft.   Tick it off the list once done!

Be realistic & ruthless

If you have not used an item in years, is there any point in packing it up and moving it to your new home for it to sit in a cupboard and again not be used?   There will be a lot to pack, move and find a new place in your new house, therefore it makes sense to only take what you really need and love!

If you are downsizing, it is even more important to be realistic as to what will fit in your new home.

Label things as you go

As you are sorting through things in readiness for your move, label boxes so you know what is in them and perhaps consider where they will go in your new home so unpacking at the new house is quicker and more organised.

Think about the exit strategy of items

Whether you are selling, donating or taking unwanted items to the council recycling centre this has to be factored in to your schedule.   It takes time to take photos and list things on local selling sites and arrange for collections.   Council recycling sites are often closed on certain days of the week so planning ahead is essential.

Happy Moving!

If you need some decluttering help in preparation for a house move, or unpacking on the move day, then please get in touch