I am thrilled that Karen Peters Amphlett, Personal Stylist, Style by KPA https://www.stylebykpa.com has agreed to guest blog about her top tips for clearing your wardrobe for APDO’s Spring Clearing Week 2020. I was so pleased to have met Karen last year, who did a colour analysis for me.

It was a fun experience and I learnt which colours really suit me.    If you would like your own colour analysis or help with your personal clothes style then contact Karen direct via her website.

With spring almost upon us it’s a great time to have a clear out and I always find the best place for me to start is my wardrobe, it always leaves me feeling refreshed. Organising your wardrobe space will help you to get ready for the new season plus assist with choosing your spring outfits everyday as we start to shed the layers. Whether you pack away your clothes each season or you are someone who likes to keep them out all year round, these tips should help you de-clutter and leave you with a beautifully organised space.  
Assess your clothes asking yourself the following questions:  
* Do they fit?  
* Do you love them?  
* Do they flatter your body shape and colouring and make you feel good when you wear them?  

We tend to only wear a small percentage of the clothes in our wardrobes mainly for the reasons above. Consider every item of clothing in your wardrobe and only keep what truly flatters you, fits perfectly and items that you love. If certain items of clothing don’t fit consider if they can be taken to a tailor to be altered, doing this can save you money in the long run. Also assess your clothes for any items that need repairing or dry cleaning, making sure that everything in your wardrobe is wearable.  
Once you are ready to put the clothes back in your wardrobe invest in some velvet space saving hangers, they really do save space, minimise creasing and stop items from slipping off. Organise your clothes by type such as skirts, trousers etc and then within those section into colour. This will make it so much simpler to see what you have and easier to create outfits in the morning.  
Organise and store your accessories so you can see them. Accessories make an outfit, they take it from good to wow. By making them visible and accessible you will know what you have and not always reach for the same ones. Get creative with hooks to hang belts from and invest in a scarf hanger. Baskets can be a great way to store accessories too if you don’t have the hanging space.  
Store your bags well so that they don’t get squashed or lose their shape. Use tissue paper or bag pads to pad them out and store them in felt bags to protect them. Also store your shoes well so that they don’t get crumpled at the bottom of your wardrobe. Protect them in boxes or on a rack. If you look after your shoes and bags they will last and stand the test of time.  
If you do rotate your wardrobe depending on the season then now’s the time to pack away any winter items. Make sure you use a suitable container that is airtight and waterproof. Plastic containers with lids work well. Try not to over pack the boxes and make sure you use a moth repellent such as cedar balls. Store the containers in a cool, clean, dark and dry place so that clothes are not damaged.  
Lastly please, please, please don’t throw away any items of unwanted clothing, they can be put to such good use elsewhere. You can either sell them on sites such as eBay or Depop, donate them to friends, family or charity shops. A new sustainable trend this year is clothes swap parties also known as a ‘clothes swish’. If you can’t find one in your local area then why not organise your own with friends.  
Happy Spring Clearing!