It’s been so powerful to not be alone with the daunting task of decluttering and organising.

Sarah is free of judgement and full of ideas, carefully listening to your needs before making any suggestions for what to adjust. Her approach to help you visualise what you wish to achieve and break it down into manageable steps and then support you in achieving them with lots of tips about how to assess your space allocation and identify excess without any hint of rebuke is so helpful and charming. It’s been a big mental health boost and I am just so glad I contacted The Flamingo Organising Co even when I wasn’t sure how Sarah could help me with a very personal task – “my junk my problem” became “no more junk, just joy”.

Mrs T, Aston Clinton

I had the pleasure of working with Sarah recently to “sort” my garage. It is something I’d put off for too long, in hindsight because I wasn’t sure how to start what seemed a huge exercise! Sarah’s calm, thoughtful and organised approach ensured everything went smoothly. She knew exactly how to approach the task and now that it’s done I’m delighted. Many items have either gone to new homes or have been sustainably recycled. I now know where everything is which is a great feeling. If you have some organising you’ve put off, and you are looking for some professional support to get it done, I would strongly recommend you call Sarah.
Mr B, St Albans

I can’t believe the difference Sarah has made in such a short space of time! I was very embarrassed by some of my clutter but Sarah never judged, she just calmly helped me prioritise and has somehow made decluttering fun. She has managed to motivate me to have the clear out I have been putting off for years and it feels so good. I would definitely recommend Sarah.
Mrs W, Bovingdon

Sarah helped me recently to start sorting through my parents house following their deaths.  I couldn’t face the task alone. Sarah was wonderful. Very punctual, and keen to make a start. No judgement. Sarah had a great system for sorting things. At the end of each day Sarah ensured my car was packed with the things that were to be taken for recycling or the charity shop. We achieved a lot. It was great to work as a team and feel supported, I could never have done it on my own. I hope to be using Sarah again and would definitely recommend her services to others.
Mrs K, Welwyn Garden City

Sarah is a pleasure to work with; bright, methodical, positive and understanding of one’s own style of living.

Sarah helped me organise my administration beautifully and I was astounded how quickly and accurately she worked. Nothing  was too much trouble and she tailored her work to what worked best for me.

I then hired Sarah to declutter my bedroom.

Sarah was brilliant at organising and culling my wardrobe and drawers and showing me effective storing and folding techniques I have not been privy to before.

She did an amazing job and even went the extra mile taking stuff away for recycling.

I am definitely using Sarah again.  She is like your very own Mary Poppins who revitalises your precious home.

Ms P, Redbourn

We had such a productive day!  Sarah helped me to sort and clear so many boxes which had been taking up space for years – it has made a big difference and means I can now set up a proper home office.  I would definitely recommend working with Sarah!

Mrs P, St Albans

Fabulous 4 hours spent with Sarah. She was gently persuasive, firm and supportive. We tackled a room which I had been avoiding for 2 years and it felt liberating! We even had the time to attack one awkward corner kitchen cupboard with 2 new lazy Susan’s and shelf stacking Amazon purchases! I no longer struggle to find the condiments and I can open the door without an avalanche of packages descending onto my kitchen worktop! After 4 hours I was dispatched with an old wardrobe, cardboard boxes and shelving to the local recycling centre and Sarah offered to drop other bags to charity shops, textile recycling, battery and electrical and hard plastic recycling. I cannot recommend Sarah highly enough. Absolutely loved the way she worked. A true professional.
Mrs B, Marsworth

Sarah has been fabulous to work with, I found her on Google and knew straight away she was perfect for the job. Sarah has been professional, helpful and VERY organised. I would definitely recommend. Thanks Sarah!
Mrs B, Hemel Hempstead

Very professional service and great value for money!
I booked an organising session at the last minute; from beginning to end the service was excellent and very straightforward.  Sarah was absolutely lovely and very professional. I will be booking another session again soon to help me organise my paperwork and make my life easier ! Thank YOU Sarah!
Mrs O, N London

Sarah was a great support and brought lots of pragmatism during the unpacking.  Thank you Sarah for coming to the rescue and helping calm down an overwhelming situation after moving.

Mr & Mrs B, Gerrards Cross

Sarah helped me to re-arrange my kitchen cupboards virtually. I discussed with her what the problem was (my baking cupboard was tiny and not very accessible). She asked me to send her some pictures of all the cupboards. She analysed the space, the contents and asked me lots of questions about how frequently I used things, what did I need close to hand etc and then suggested moving things around and which cupboards to switch. I followed all her suggestions and hey presto! Everything fits and is much better organised. Thanks Sarah for your insightful suggestions. I’ll definitely be consulting you again!

Mrs C, Virtual Consultation

We highly recommend Sarah’s decluttering & organising service. Her friendly, calm & methodical approach really put us at ease & Sarah took things at our pace. Sarah helped us achieve a kitchen & lounge that works for us & our lifestyle while working within the limitations of our rental flat. The results are amazing I never knew the place could look so tidy, homely & calm! Sarah has helped us achieve in hours what we couldn’t dream of doing ourselves in the over 2 years since living here. Thank you so much Sarah!

Mrs E, St Albans

I really can’t praise Sarah highly enough. If you want a professional declutterer, my advice would be “look no further”. My flat was a complete nightmare with mess beyond description! (some of it still is, we’re in the middle of doing it!). I had arranged for a friend to come and help me, but was so embarrassed by how ghastly it looked, that I felt I had to find a professional declutterer. From the minute I met Sarah, I felt at ease and comfortable and didn’t for one second feel she judged my chaotic home. I didn’t know where to start as I was completely overwhelmed by it all, but Sarah came up with ideas that made complete sense. I am absolutely amazed by how much we have already done in a short space of time and completely delighted with seeing space again! Sarah is just really good at the job – organised, calm, warm, non judgemental, helpful. She has a knack of encouraging me to get rid of things without in any way pressuring me. It is a huge relief to have found someone who can get me back to having a home again. I would be more than happy to recommend Sarah to anyone thinking of doing a major declutter. Thank you Sarah!

Ms G, North London

I have just moved house and the utility room became the dumping ground for everything that I could not face sorting out. It was a complete mess. A few hours with Sarah and everything was sorted into new homes or recycling or rehoming boxes. She also checked through my kitchen cupboards to see if I could make any changes as a few items were still not in the right places. It all works so much better and its lovely to see my utility again, instead of the mess that I dreaded seeing every day. Thank you Sarah, your knowledge and logic to sorting it all was so helpful and worth every penny. Highly recommend your service.

Mrs B, Welwyn Garden City

Sarah, I am very pleased with the great work we have done.  It’s making a huge difference to me.  I am very grateful for your help and support decluttering and organising my home since my house move.

Mrs G, Hertfordshire

I first contacted Sarah for some help in organising my clothes. I had been doing the Kondo method which had worked really well up to a point but I then ended up with 3 big bags of clothes that I simply couldn’t decide what to do with.  Sarah came to my rescue and asked me great questions and we really got to the root of why I was holding onto some things. We went through the whole lot together and it was actually fun. She was so kind and supportive and helped me to see more clearly that I was keeping a lot of the clothes that didn’t even suit me. It was a real revelation to clear them out. It felt really good and so easy with Sarah’s gentle guidance. A few months later when I was working my way through paperwork and finding it a bit overwhelming I didn’t hesitate to contact Sarah again. As it was during lockdown we had a virtual session instead and it was really helpful to talk through where I was struggling to make progress. Sarah helped me to make a plan to move forward again.   It was really useful to schedule the follow up call which gave me a deadline to work to!

Mrs S, Boxmoor

Sarah brings a sensitive and practical approach to decluttering. She listens carefully to what the challenges are and then provides really helpful advice with practical and achievable solutions in a calm and friendly manner. She helps you believe decluttering is possible one step at a time! Her input is helping me tackle and sort the files and boxes stored throughout my house! I would highly recommend Sarah’s services.

Mrs N, Hemel Hempstead

Thank you Sarah for making one aspect of our move happen so smoothly.  It is much appreciated.   We are pleased that some of our unwanted items could be utilised by a local charity.

Mrs T, Rickmansworth

I had a few cupboards that needed a good sort out but I never got around to doing it. Sarah was brilliant – she brought fresh eyes to everything, and suggested using storage boxes to keep everything super neat and tidy. She also brought a range of helful bits and bobs such as elastic bands which made a huge difference (and meant I didn’t give up on the job half way through!)

Having her help means a job I have been putting off not only got done, but much better than I could have done it myself. I am so pleased with the outcome; I keep opening my cupboards just to look inside them whereas before I hated ever seeing them!

Mrs J, Berkhamsted

Sarah helped me to unpack on my move to the area. I hadn’t met her before but she was diligent, hardworking and relentless at helping us sort all the rooms. Sarah asked us really useful questions and gave advice about how best to utilise our space. She was helpful, trustworthy and wonderful to have around. I wouldn’t have been able to have moved so efficiently if it wasn’t for her. Thank you.

Mrs M, Hemel Hempstead

Sarah helped me when I found I would be able to reopen my childcare holiday club this summer following new Covid government advice. I had 3 weeks to turn it around and it was very stressful! Sarah was so calm and supportive, she definitely helped me to focus! Sarah set up a new registration and spreadsheet system which helped to make each day run more smoothly. I would definitely recommend Sarah’s organising and administrative skills to any business. I look forward to working with you again Sarah!

Yvonne Crowther, Founder of The Nuture Children's Club

Sarah was so great in helping me organise my kitchen. She asked me questions about how I use my kitchen and helped me organise everything by frequency of use. Sarah also made a fabulous suggestion for keeping my kid’s tableware in a lower cupboard so that they can get their own plates and cups. My kids love it and it has made them feel more independent. She also brought different size baskets with her which has really helped organise all my baking supplies.

Mrs W, Uxbridge

A recommendation to contact Sarah at the Flamingo Organising Co. was given to me. What a blessing she was. I suffer with anxiety and tend to hoard all sorts of ‘stuff’ and find it overwhelming when faced with what needs to be done. Sarah has helped me a number of times over the past year, but more recently she has helped me deal with paperwork and in partcular unopened letters; I hasten to add, piled up into a tidy mound. Sarah was very understanding and held my hand each step of the way. I commend her approach and found her patient, putting me at ease without embarrassment and also respecting my anxiety. This enabled me to face the fear that I find rather distressing. This is just one area Flamingo Organising has helped me to sort. The time spent was most challenging but wholly rewarding; as no letter was left unturned! I absolutely love the Flamingo Organising Co, she has even helped me getting my suitcase packed for a recent trip abroad! If not I would have taken far too much-such a blessing! If you have any organisational needs, check out this company and you will be truly pleased. Thank you so much for your encouragement, support and guidance Flamingo Organising Co.

Mrs S, Hemel Hempstead

Amazing! Sarah’s passion and warmth to help create a home with space for living well, is wonderful. After her visit, I felt encouraged by the progress we had made but also inspired and motivated to keep making progress! I highly recommend her and her work to anyone wanting to invest into their home and quality of life!! Thank you Sarah.

Mrs A, Hemel Hempstead

Sarah helped us sort out the downstairs of our house.  Before she arrived it looked like a jumble sale but when we were finished the house was transformed into a tidy and orderly place.  Sarah is very gentle.  She does not bully her clients into throwing away possessions but instead helps the client make the decision.  I would recommend Sarah to anyone who wants to declutter.

Mrs W, Hemel Hempstead

I turned to Sarah after my workroom became so full of files, books, papers and even camping gear that it was becoming virtually impossible to work in there. Sarah helped me work out what things needed to be easily accessible and what could be stored out of sight, and then we rearranged how to fit it all together. I never thought I’d need a declutterer but as a single person I found it really helped to have someone there to suggest ideas and help me work out what was worth keeping and what needed throwing away. She didn’t impose her ideas but just suggested ones that I hadn’t thought of, and we then discussed what might be the best solution for me. Now my workroom is usable again and it’s infinitely less stressful to work in there. Thanks Sarah!

Ms A, Hemel Hempstead

Sarah is absolutely fantastic and I would highly recommend. Worth every penny as all my children’s clothes are sorted which has saved me soooo much time! Thanks Sarah I will certainly be using her again!

Ms H, Hemel Hempstead

I highly recommend Sarah, who has been a huge help in bringing order to some rather cluttered cupboards and drawers in our house, and in helping sort through some of the clothes our children have outgrown. Well worth the money!

Mrs H, Amersham

Sarah was so gently straight forward about everything & very helpful with sources & suggestions; she also took my unwanted stuff away to a charity shop for me. Highly recommend her professional services. Sarahs’ worth more than the weight of bags she took away in gold! Thank you Sarah.

Mrs M, Hemel Hempstead

Friendly efficient service and Sarah works with you, rather than telling you what to do! Recommended.

Ms H, Chesham

Sarah came to help with my children’s messy playroom.  Sarah made some very helpful and practical suggestions and helped to declutter the playroom with me which helped enormously.  Sarah’s calm, easy manner made it easy to work with her and her help made the children’s playroom so much more organised and easy to manage.

Mrs C, Boxmoor

I really appreciated Sarah coming round to help me declutter my cupboard and I am so pleased with the result.  I was apprehensive about letting someone else see the state of the cupboard, but Sarah was very reassuring and made me feel relaxed within moments.

Sarah was extremely organised in her approach to decluttering and had brought along everything we needed to get the job done! We soon had piles for the charity shop, shredding, rubbish or to keep! Sarah was sensitive in the way she handled the contents of the cupboard and was careful not to open anything that looked private or confidential.  The end result was amazing and I would definitely recommend Sarah and I wouldn’t hesitate to use her services again!

Mrs R, St Albans

I just want to thank Sarah for coming to my aid and encouraging me to get on top of things. Sarah came and helped me deal with my cellar that had become a dumping ground. The great thing about Sarah’s business is that when you feel like there’s too much too much stuff to cope with, she helps you to focus and deal with things one thing at a time- and quickly. Thanks again Sarah.

Mrs C, Hemel Hempstead

Our house felt like it was bursting at the seams and I was finding it really difficult to get rid of stuff and get on top of things. I wasn’t sure how someone else could help me with this. I felt I just needed to get on with it no matter how challenging it felt.

When Sarah came over I felt a bit embarrassed about the clutter but Sarah put me at ease. I felt like she understood me and didn’t judge at all. She has a calm, warm manner and asked great questions to help me figure out what my priorities were. I felt she really listened to me and understood what I wanted to achieve. She worked alongside me to focus on one specific area. I found it really helpful in the end having someone else there who could be objective.

She was really supportive and didn’t push me to do more than I was ready to. She gave me some good organisational and planning tips. I would be happy to recommend her to anyone looking for an organisational service.

Mrs E, Hemel Hempstead